SISE Ph.D defense procedure 软件学院博士生申请答辩步骤

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SISE Ph.D candidates,

You may start defense application (Pre-defense) in system 10 months after the Mi-term report. It is highly recommended that you complete the Pre-defense within the semester, if you plan to start the official application next semester.

Please Follow the steps in attachment to apply for defense.

Please pay GREAT attention to this when you start online application:

Payment proofs of publication fee MUST be submitted for an accepted research article, or an acceptance notification with a free-of-charge statement and a signature of the candidate’s supervisor MUST be provided in case that no publication fee is needed.

Defense application will be quickly rejected if you provide ONLY articles in system. UESTC Degree Office needs to see the proofs of your publications/payments.

Notice of Ph.D Defense application from UESTC Degree office 关于博士研究生网上提交学位论文答辩申请的通知javascript:;

Notice of Ph.D Defense process from UESTC Degree office 博士研究生申请学位论文答辩流程简介:


SISE PhD defense procedure-软件学院博士答辩流程及要求202106.pdf

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GMIS-Graduate Information Check Procedure202106.pdf

PhD defense forms-博士答辩表格

Guide for Defense application in GMIS (SISE).pdf

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