Defense arrangements for Int'l master students (autumn 2021)

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For int’l master students (Class 2019/2018) who expect to graduate in December 2021, the defense arrangements are as follows:


I. The basic requirements of defense qualification for master’s degree thesis

1. Complete the course work of no less than a total of 24 credits (out of which at least 15 credits are to be acquired from degree courses), compulsory sections of no less than 2 credits (Academic activities- at least 5 times + Elective competence development courses). The credit of Academic Activities will be earned once you submit the Registration form to our office before 10/09/2021. Please check carefully the credits on your transcript.

2. Complete the thesis independently.

3. The degree thesis should be of theoretical or practical values to some extent, which indicates the author has a grasp of the fundamental theories and specialized knowledge in his/her discipline and is capable of further scientific researches and empowered with the ability to apply his/her theories and knowledge comprehensively into practical problems.

4. His/her submission of a qualified proposal and a mi-term evaluation on his/her thesis.

5. The thesis can be written in either Chinese or English. The abstracts (about 800 words long) should be written in both languages. For detailed requirements, please refer to Format of Graduation Thesis for Master Degree.

6. As for problems regarding the degree thesis defense, from its application, evaluation and holding to final award of the degree, all shall refer to UESTC Regulations for Postgraduate Degree Awarding.

7. All concerned fees are paid off. 

II. Schedule.





Get Defense Application forms

March 02

/September 02

Room 222 (Graduate management office of SISE), main   building, Shahe campus

Get the hardcopies of International Students Registration Form for Master Degree of UESTC   (I) and International Students   Registration Form for Master Degree of UESTC (II) to fill in.

Submit Defense materials and thesis

March 10

/September 10 (Defense application will be rejected if   the submission is later than this date.)

Room 222


1. International Students Registration Form for Master   Degree of UESTC (I) and (II) Hardcopy, Room 222

2. Softcopies of Application for   thesis defense form and Duplication   check promise (Annex1,4) with handwritten signatures from both the student   (e.g. insert a picture of handwritten signature into the Word and then save   it as PDF) and the supervisor. JPG/PDF are acceptable.

3. Softcopy of degree thesis (anonymous) and supervisor's approval (screenshot of the email).

4. Submit the documents of No.2 and No.3 in ONE email to, and a reply is expected if   the email is well received.

5. If your thesis   title is different from the one in the proposal/mi-term, please fill in the   form of Title change application   (Annex 5) and get signatures as specified in the file.

Online application

March 10

/September 10

GMIS system

1. Submit the   thesis online (WITHOUT student’s name or supervisor’s name (Guide file in annex).

2. Inform the supervisor to consent online application.

Format check-

Duplication check

March 30

/September 30

1. The defense will be delayed for 2 months if the thesis fails Format check.

2. Duplication   check: the defense has to be delayed for 6 months if the rate passes 20%; the   student needs to postpone his defense application and modifies the thesis for   1 month if the rate is between 15% and 20%. Meanwhile, the duplication rate   of single chapter cannot pass 25%.

3. Individual   notices will be sent on QQ if failure occurs.

Thesis review and modification



1.         2 pieces   of review comments will be sent in system.

2.         Revise the   thesis accordingly during about 10 days. No need to print any hardcopy or   submit anything. Complete “Revision   description1” document (Annex 7).

3.         Upload the   revised thesis and Revision   description1 in system. Inform the supervisor to consent.

Note: if the   revised thesis is not uploaded in system or the supervisor doesn’t consent, you   cannot attend the defense.

Defense preparation


(1 day before the   defense date)


Room 222


*Online defense might be applied to students out of   China.

1.        Each   student prints 6 copies of revised thesis (Student’s name and ID could be   presented but NO supervisor’s info; complying with the format specification; informal   binding). 5 copies are for Defense Committee, and 1 is for student to answer   questions.

2.        Bring 5   copies of the thesis and 5 copies of Revision   description1 (1 description in 1 thesis) to defense.

Thesis Defense



Conference Room, Main Building, Shahe Campus

1. The specific defense time will be notified 3 days in   advance, please check school website and QQ group.

2. Use PPT to present main work of thesis for no more   than 15 minutes. Student’s name and ID could be in the PPT, but NO   supervisor’s info. Bring pen and paper to note Defense Committee’s questions.

3. Answer Defense Committee’s questions.

4. Each should carry the student ID card for inspection.

The defense   result will be announced at the end of defense. One hour's break at noon is expected.

Submit final thesis and check GMIS info

May 31

/November 31


Room 222

1.         Revise the   thesis according to suggestions of Defense Committee. Communicate with   supervisor to have a final version. Finish Revision description 2(Annex 8).

2.         Check Graduation   info in GMIS system (Annex 6).

3.         Submit 2 hardcopies   of final version (formal cover&binding, with student and supervisor’s   signatures on corresponding position) to Room 222.

4.         Submit   softcopy in library system (see Guide file in annex). Attention: the page with signatures   should be scanned and added to softcopy.

Certificate Awarding

Late June

/late December

UESTC Int’l office will be in charge of graduation   procedures.


III. Guidance for filling form “International Students Registration Form for Master Degree of UESTC (I) and (II)”

姓名Name:(Same as passport

所属学院SchoolSchool of Information and Software Engineering

申请学位学科专业MajorSoftware Engineering


申请时间Master Degree Application Date2021.09.10

Denfense Material(Master).rar

Graduate Management Office

School of Information and Software Engineering